Top Tips To Help Prevent Home Invasions

Tips to Help Prevent Home InvasionsIt is natural to desire to keep our homes safe and secure, especially when we live in times when the world is chaotic, hostile, and violent. Certain individuals do not respect the right to privacy and will strive to use illegal means to acquire other people’s property. Home invasions are perhaps the most traumatic crimes that homes face.

A home invasion can be a robbery or a burglary. A robbery is where the homeowner becomes an assault victim and not just his or her property. On the other hand, a burglary is where only the property is involved in the crime with not victims to witness the crime. In both cases, there is the aspect of invasion (forced entry) into the home.

Keeping your home safe and secure requires more than having weapons in the house. You need to know how the laws protect your rights, know the legal implications of using a weapon for protection, how to use the weapon, and prepare your home to be invasion-proof. So how does one go about securing the home to prevent invasions?

Protect and Fortify

The first step is to safeguard the home and fortify it against any invasion. These actions will have a mental effect that notifies the invader of stiff consequences of their actions. Fortify the home from the inside – out.
• On the outside, you need to have security signage, install surveillance cameras and motion detectors, trim the shrubs and remove any heavy objects from the yard that can be sued to break into the house.

• On the inside of the home, you need to fortify the window and doors, ensure that any other place that can be used to gain access into the home is sealed, install high-quality locks, install surveillance cameras and motion detectors as well as a remote controlled alarm system.

Always Lock Your Home

Most home invasions have been cases where the invader gain easy access into the home because a door or window was left unlocked. It is important to make it a habit of locking the doors when you enter or leave the house as well as checking the windows before leaving. A good measure that can ensure that you always lock your home is investing in an advanced security surveillance system that will only activate when all points of access are locked when you are leaving the home. Remember that this measure calls for the use of sturdy and secure locks.

Light, Lights and More Lights

It is no secret that most robbers and burglars prefer working in the dark. People with a hidden agenda flee from the light. Lighting your home is a practical measure that will deter an invader. Ensure that the outside is well lit starting from the gate right to the main door. Likewise, leave the light on in various rooms of the house. It creates the illusion that there is someone in the home. If you can install an automated lighting systems that switch the lights on and off in various rooms at alternative times and intervals, the better. Also, make sure that the power switchboard or mains are in a secure location in the house.

Install Security Surveillance
Security surveillance is one of the most effective protective measures that people and invest in to prevent home invasions. Some of the top range surveillance tech have a system that uses motion sensors, fire and smoke detectors, cameras that have good night visions, and high pitch alarm sirens. Most of these to range surveillance tech can be controlled remotely, thus giving the homeowner the ability to know that is happening at home while he or she is away.

Less Appeal for Invasion

Sometimes, invaders target homes that look like easy targets. The invaders look for various elements that suggest vulnerability or a weak point for them to make their move. It is important to consider making the home less appealing to invaders. Start with protecting your information to avoid issues such as identity theft that can be used for the home invasion. The other thing is to avoid sticking to certain routines. The move to protect and fortify your home plays a significant impact in making your home a less appealing target for home invaders.

Know Your Neighborhood

It is said that no man is an island, which means that man is a social being. It is a natural behavior to socialize and know other people around you. However, that is not the case for some people, and this makes it hard for people to respond to certain issues such as burglary for people who seem to be loners. Talk and get to know your neighbors and have a good understanding of the neighborhood. Find out about the emergency response authorities (police, fire response, and medical response) and get their contact details. If you have a trustworthy relationship with your neighbour, then you will have extra eyes that can keep watch over your home while you are away.

For other useful tips that can help you prevent home invasions you can also check the video below… Have a great day!

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