Preparing To Survive An EMP Attack

how to survive an emp attackIf one day you wake up and all the electronics in your home are fried and there is no electricity anywhere, you may have experienced an EMP attack. Hopefully, you have a survival plan and can keep yourself and your family safe. The world as you know it is gone. All electronics are gone and the only thing you have for light is your old-fashioned flashlight. Nothing can be repaired following an EMP attack, the electronics are completely fried. This is when it is good to have a survival plan to use following an EMP attack. When you live somewhere that has been hit by an EMP attack, none of your daily appliances, your car, or phones will work.

What Is An EMP Attack?

An EMP or electromagnetic pulse is caused by a burst of electromagnetic radiation. This occurs naturally, resulting from solar flares, but may also be caused by devices made by men. There are actually EMP events caused by the sun every day. Most of these events occur and no one notices, but if there is a large pulse, it can destroy certain electronic devices. If an enemy were to use EMP to attack, they could destroy the entire electrical grid, along with anything that uses electricity to operate. This includes vehicles, trains, phones, computers, and on and on. An EMP attack could trigger a massive chain reaction that could result in the destruction of an entire nation and even its residents.

Primary Causes Of EMP

Solar Coronal Mass Ejection or CME is one cause of EMP and is the most likely to cause a natural disaster. Many governments have plans in place to deal with this type of an EMP attack. A CME is a sudden blast of plasma from the sun. NASA calls these solar storms and warns us that if a big enough solar storm were to impact the Earth, the resulting EMP could short out the entire power grid. EMP from solar storms has happened in the past, but the world was not as dependent upon electronics and technology as it is today. If this were to occur now, most civilized countries would grind to a halt.

Nuclear Detonation

A nuclear detonation can also create and EMP. If the nuclear device were to detonate close to the EArth’s surface, the ground would absorb most of the energy. However, if a nuclear device is detonated above the Earth, the resulting EMP would drastically and fatally impact the electronics systems and grid all over the world. An EMP attack damages all electronics, even down to the smallest circuitry. This is what makes it so dangerous.

Surviving An EMP Attack

If you make it through the initial attack, your chances of surviving are actually pretty good. This, of course, is dependent upon where you are and what you have available to help you and your family survive. Following an EMP attack, the most important things will be staying healthy and finding food and shelter. Immediately after an EMP attack, you and your family will need to decide if you stay or bug-out.


If you decide to stay, ensure you prepare for an EMP attack by storing all the essentials you will need for survival. These include water, food, tools, and medicines. You should also have shelter in place which you can protect against intruders, if necessary. If you and your neighbors band together, the chances for survival will increase.

Store as much water as you can in your shelter. Following the attack, if you are on a water supply system, it should remain running for a little while. If you are on a well, your pump will not work electronically, but may be able to be operated manually.

Next, store as much food as possible. Stock up on foods which do not require electricity to eat, such as dried and canned foods, peanut butter, dried fruits and nuts and energy bars. You should also add flour, oats, and salt.

Also, stock up on basic medical supplies such as bandages, antibiotic ointment, alcohol, and aspirin or other pain relievers. If you can get antibiotics, stock up on these as well.

Prepare to defend your shelter. Establish a perimeter and place early warning alarms in case intruders try and get into your shelter or area. Surviving and EMP attack is very possible, but takes advance planning and preparation.

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