Tips To Consider When Choosing Self-Defense Gear

tips to choose self-defense gearEvery single day we are met with scenarios that require us to defend ourselves from all sorts of attacks. To ensure that you are safe in the event of an attack, having some self-defense skills will be crucial in ensuring that you defend yourself and stay safe. For this reason, it is important that you consider investing in some self-defense gear to ensure that you wade off any attack made towards you.

But the question you need to ask yourself when looking for self-defense gear is what would suit you in such scenarios? Today, there are some many things that you could carry with you, and which could serve as very reliable defense equipment. For instance, you could opt to get a blade or a gun or even some sort of self-defense spray. And while having some of these items on you is great, it is still vital that you consider getting self-defense training to ensure that you know how to handle yourself and the weapon you choose in the event you get attacked.

This article will be discussing some things you need to consider as you look for, and choose, self-defense gear. However, before delving deeper into this, it is important that you understand that in order to stay out of trouble, you need to understand what your country’s or state’s laws dictate when it comes to the carrying and usage of self-defense gear. It is, therefore, advisable that you consider studying your specific country’s or state’s laws to ensure that you use you are knowledgeable of what is stipulated and accepted.

There are pros and cons when it comes to carrying self-defense weapons, and it is important that we have a look at some of them.

The Pros

With a weapon, you can:

• Survive a fight against much larger and stronger attackers
• Stand a chance to fight off two or more attackers
• Win a fight even if you are weak, old or sick
• Regain some advantage even when caught off guard

The Cons

With a weapon, you may:

• Feel uncomfortable carrying it all day, every day
• Land into trouble with the law
• End up getting into disagreement with your spouse
• Feel uncomfortable using it against a fellow human being

What to Carry

When looking for self-defense gear, you should understand that the type of weapon or gear you go for will be all be determined by what you need. There is not a standard gear that anyone should go for since we all have our fears and preferences. Nonetheless, it is advisable that you go for gear or weapons that are not going to do extensive damage to the attacker but will just stop them. But if you know that curtains weapons could land you in trouble, then it is advisable that you go for something that will save your life when you need to. However, that does not mean that you go for a “soft” weapon just because you are afraid to hurt an attacker. At the end of the day, they – the attackers – were not meaning you good when they attacked you in the first place. As such, it is important that you choose reliable and dependable weapons when looking for self-defense gear – weapons, that though they may not end up killing the perpetrator, they will stop them right in their tracks.

What To Consider When Choosing Self-Defense Gear

If you think that you are ready to carry any self-defense weapon, it is important that you consider a couple of things when it comes to the use of a weapon. Some crucial factors to consider include:

Legality: Consider if the weapon you are thinking of using is legal in your country.

Carrying and concealment of the weapon: how easy is the weapon to hide or conceal under your clothing? Consider going for weapons that are easy to carry and hide.

Effectiveness: When considering a self-defense weapon or gear, take the time to consider how effective it is when it comes to defending yourself. Will it disarm or disable an attacker or will it merely stun them?

Affordability: One of the most crucial aspects to consider when looking for self-defense gear or weapons is their cost. How much will you have to part with to get what you need considering different options have their own pricing.

Usability: When choosing a weapon, it is important that you take the time to consider if it is one that you are willing to use against an attacker or criminal when worse comes to worst.

Main Types Of Self-Defense Weapons Available

When looking for self-defense gear, you need to understand that there are many options that you can work with. To be sure that you get something that works for you, it is important that you understand some of the main types of weapons available and which can come in handy in the event you get attacked.

Projectile Weapons

Projectile weapons are any weapons that project an object and the most well-known type of a projectile weapon is the gun. While the use of guns is controversial, it is one option that is quite effective and is one that most people prefer to use when it comes to self-defense.

Bladed Weapons

Blades weapons are basically knives or anything with a blade. These weapons are available in many forms, and their use is just as controversial as that of guns. Nonetheless, because of their ease to carry and conceal, bladed weapons can be very effective when it comes to warding off or immobilizing an attacker or attackers.

Impact Weapons

Impact weapons are another effective self-defense option and are worth carrying. Often these weapons are used to hit an attacker, stunning or even immobilizing them. These weapons are basically anything that doesn’t have an edge or a sharp edge and include things like pocket sticks, metal brass knuckles, saps or blackjacks, and pocket-size tactical flashlights.

Spray Type Weapons

Spray type weapons are anything that you can spray on a perpetrator to stun them or take them off balance. Things like pepper spray are technically non-lethal weapons, but can be rather effective in stopping an attacker.

The above are some of the most effective self-defense gear or weapons that you should consider going for. Take time to research on the above options to see which one will suit your self-defense needs.

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