Surviving a Nuclear Blast – Be Prepared Today!

emergency survival radiosSince the invention of nuclear near the end of World War II, the threat of atomics being used as a weapon has hung over our head like the harbinger of a coming doomsday. Now as our politicians show no more sense than gang of rowdy hoodlums, tensions are testy and one can’t help but keep an eye on the sky wondering who will push the red button first.

This chilling reality moves people to prepare some sort of contingency plan that will shield them and those they love from this very real threat. But if the bomb falls near you, how do you know if you will survive?

Unfortunately, nuclear weapons, like the ones that leveled the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, are designed for one purpose, genocide. Furthermore, since the 1940’s the weapons that have been developed have been greatly improved upon and pose an even larger threat now than ever.

Your survival will depend on two things that are equally important; first, the distance you are from Ground Zero will dictate the damage you will sustain. (If you are in the specific kill zone of the weapon that is detonated in your vicinity, your chances of survival are slim at best.

The second factor that will literally save your skin is your preparation for the attack. This is crucial because early warning systems may provide you with precious minutes of reaction time, or you may just see the “brighter than the sun” flash in the sky and 5 … 4….3…2…1… Are you dead or alive?

Your chances of survival greatly improve if you understand the fundamental dangers of a nuclear attack. Following is a rundown of what to expect and how best to prepare. Study them well and ensure that you too will emerge laughing on the other side.

Danger 1: The Initial Blast and Heatwave (Immediately)

There are the specifics of the A-Bomb and how they compare to the specifics of the H-Bomb and fusion or fission, but in the end dead is dead. Either bomb is going to release an enormous amount of energy that will set the very air on fire and you will need to escape this blast in anyway possible.

You will want to act fast and put as much as you can between you and the incoming cloud of superheated gasses and debris in the “Heat Wave” . Being underground is naturally going to afford you the best protection, but any protection is better than none at all, so prepare to be creative.

Preparation: You and anyone you know should have an emergency contingency plan that can be acted on in the event of such a crisis. Having a bunker well beneath the ground would be perfect, a basement is also great, and can be further prepared to withstand this attack.

But, where would you go right now if you see a blast and are totally unprepared?

Hypothetically, the level 2 underground parking garage three blocks from your house would afford you afford the best protection from this heat wave and the ensuing dangers. But, If you saw the flash now, race to your garage and leap into your deep freeze unit. Something is something.

Danger 2: Devastation, Black Rain, and Fallout (20 Minutes – 2 Days after Initial Blast)

The initial blast can be expected to deal heavy destruction and generally make the blast radius a hell hole. Beware of burning buildings, falling structures and a plethora of other dangers, it would be best to not have to navigate the aftermath at all.

Within the affected area a rain of burning debris and black soot will severely injure anyone outside, This “Black Rain” is not only burning hot, it is radioactive and highly toxic. Fallout, though unseen, is also raining heavily and any food and water that have not been protected against it is now officially contaminated.

Preparation: Preparing for this should be done, however best fits your situation. Ideally you will want to move directly to your shelter where you will have your provisions to hold out until it is safe to emerge or help is on the way. Think food, water, toilet paper, medicines …

Many of the people who survived the initial blast and heat wave are killed here as they venture into the aftermath hoping to find friends and loved ones. This is a very bad idea, prepare against it by having a plan.

Communications will be knocked out, only those equipped with sophisticated radios will be able to transmit messages, if you have one, more power to you.

But a whistle will will do well if you don’t, they are economical and can convey a distress signal over great distances.

Danger 3: Fallout, the Aftermath, Starvation and Rescue (1 Day – 2 Weeks after Blast )

If you have survived to this point you will have procured adequate shelter and non contaminated food and water. I would like to say you can expect help immediately, realistically, you really don’t know when help could come, if ever.

With this in mind you should consider the leaving your shelter a very bad idea. The affected area is highly toxic, but becoming less so as the days go by. Strong winds and heavy may make it safe to emerge from your shelter in as little as 8 days or less, you should never emerge before 2 days as the fallout and Black Rain are still falling heavily.

Preparation: You will need to prepare to eat, drink, sleep and eliminate bodily wastes in a confined place for an indefinite amount of time. If you can last up to two weeks your chances of survival are excellent, but you must prepare to stay for at least 8 days, anything less than that is a great risk.

Having battery operated radios will keep you informed of any rescue attempts, or news that can keep you alive. If rescue services are being done, you will want to know about them so stay informed.

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