Survival MD by Rob Grey and Dr. Radu Scurtu – Full review

If you heard about Survival MD by Robert Grey and you wonder if this survival course really worth your time and money or not, then we will recommend you checking our today’s review.

On this Survival MD review we are going to explain what Survival MD is all about, what you can expect to learn once you purchase it, and which pros and cons you should keep in mind when making your final decision.

First of all, here are some general details that will help you to understand better what Survival MD can offer you…

Survival MD

What Exactly Is Survival MD?


Created by Robert Grey, a mechanic who’s in his forties, Survival MD can be best described as a clear-cut and comprehensive disaster survival guide that was created to equip ordinary people with knowledge and skills that will allow them to treat themselves and others during emergency situations, especially when healthcare providers and hospitals are unable to provide medical care.

Robert says that the leading cause of death during an emergency is disease and infection, and contrary to what most Americans believe, our medical system is not at par with other first world countries. In fact, during major disasters, like what happened during Katrina, there won’t be enough medical supplies or healthcare providers to ensure people are appropriately treated.

This is the reason why he sought the help of Radu Scurtu, a Romanian doctor, to create a course that will show ordinary Americans, like you, what to do to prevent or treat illnesses during a major disaster using third world medical secrets. This course is called Survival MD, and here’s a basic overview of the main things you can learn inside:

  • Tips on how to stay alive for months, even without any medical professional around.
  • Explanations on the different medical mistakes you’ll most likely commit during a disaster.
  • Everything about proper garbage and human waste management.
  • Information on a banned secret by the medical field that could spare you from a terrible death.
  • 9 things you should have in your bag just in case you’re forced out of your home.
  • How to put together a disaster-appropriate medical first aid kit.
  • Step-by-step advice on how professionals align dislocated shoulder.
  • Info on the medical formula called TeCaMoLo principle and how it can help you come up with the right diagnosis fast.
  • The Survival MD course will also show you what meds are not good for your health and the effective ones that you should store today. The list is based on Dr. Radu Scurtu’s years of experience as a third world doctor.
  • Information on the top 5 causes of death after every disaster.
  • Tips on where you’ll be able to secure months’ supply of prescription meds, and much more…

In addition to the main Survival MD guide, Rob Grey and Dr. Radu Scurtu also offer a free bonus report titled “How To Survive Without Prescription.” This free report serves to inform you of how to stay healthy using alternative remedies, especially when prescription meds can’t be accessed.

This is just a glimpse of the Survival MD course. For more information about other topics that you will find inside the main guide or about the bonus report that Rob Grey and Dr. Radu Scurtu offer, please check the following page.

Now, let’s move to the next section of our review and talk about the various pros and cons of the Survival MD program…

Survival MD review

The Pros And Cons Of Survival MD


The Pros


Simple And Straightforward

The Survival MD course was written with the layperson in mind and you don’t have to be a medical professional to comprehend the information shared in this course. In fact, if you just spend 10 to 15 minutes reading this, you’ll be more knowledgeable about medical emergency preparedness than many other first world medical professionals.

A Complete Medical Survival Guide

We must admit that Survival MD really covers almost everything you need to know to survive and become healthy during a disaster, without relying heavily on medical professionals. You’ll learn everything from alternative meds to putting together a real medical first aid kit, from healing water to proper waste management, from knowing how to make a quick diagnosis to choosing the right treatment, and much more.

Information Based On Actual Experience And Research

Robert Grey spent time (around 90 days) and money looking for the right info for this guide. He said that he spent a few months travelling in different countries to find relevant medical survival info and he based this guide on many studies and Dr. Radu’s knowledge and experience.

This is probably why some of the information inside Survival MD is unique and cannot be found in similar survival guides that we reviewed here before.

Gets You Prepared For Any Kind Of Disaster

This is why we personally think the Survival MD program is cost-efficient. You’ll be able to use the skills and knowledge you gained from reading it for almost any kind of disaster that may cause hospitals to close down or prevent medical professionals to attend to all patients.

60 Days Full Refund Policy Available

If you’re not happy with Survival MD for any reason, Rob Grey promises that you can email his support team and to get back every cent you spent. While this is not the first time we see this kind of guarantee for legit survival guides, it is still a great advantage that allows you to take the Survival MD course for a test drive without any risk.


The Cons


Not A Complete Replacement For Medical Help

Survival MD is not meant to replace the services of medical professionals. It was created so you can save your life, including the lives of others, if medical help is not available.

Act On What You Learned

Obviously, you won’t be able to master or familiarize the things you read if you’re not going to apply it in real life. You don’t have to wait days before or on the day of a disaster to put the Survival MD to good use. Prepare now, so you won’t be sorry later.

Formatted As An Electronic Product

So far, the Survival MD course is only available in PDF format. If you hate reading instructions from eBooks, then this may prove to be a minor disappointment on your part.

Survival MD by Robert Grey and Radu Scurtu
The Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that Survival MD by Rob Grey and Dr. Radu Scurtu is a handy course to have around, so you and your family can stay safe and healthy during almost any kind of disaster, natural or man-made.

What we really like about Survival MD is that it is so simple and straightforward, that we bet even your kids would be able to understand the instructions Dr. Radu and Robert gave. There are no medical jargons or demanding instructions, and within a few days you’ll probably be able to read the entire guide and start implementing it.

In addition, we feel confident that this can help many people because it was already tested by Dr. Radu Scurtu, a third world doctor based in one of the poorest countries in Europe…

With that said, Survival MD is not for everyone.

Firstly, please remember that you shouldn’t think of this as a complete replacement for professional help, but instead to treat this as a higher version of first aid.

In addition, don’t forget that you need to apply all the things you learn in real life in order to master everything. If you plan to read the guide and doing nothing else with what you learned, then Survival MD is probably not be for you.

On the other hand, if you’re concerned with the welfare of your family and you try to find an easy-to-follow course that will help you become fully prepared whenever disaster strikes, then Survival MD is a great option for you.

This course really covers everything you need to know in order to live a healthy life during times of medical disaster, and considering the full money back guarantee and special limited time discounted price that Robert Grey and Dr. Radu Scurtu offer, we believe that Survival MD is absolutely worth checking out…

Well, this is it for our Survival MD review. We sincerely hope that this review was useful for you, and we wish you a safe and healthy life!

Jason and Erin

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