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If you have read or heard about the Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts by Richard Grey and you try to understand if this program is really what you need or not, then we invite you to check our Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts review below.

On this review you will learn exactly what Richard Grey’s program is all about, what you will get once you purchase it and which pros and cons you must know about the Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts before making a final decision.

One thing that you should know before we start: It seems that the Self Sufficiency Shortcuts program is offered online at different prices. If you are planning to purchase this program then we will highly recommend doing it only from the official site and not from any other website.

After understanding this important point, let’s start with the review and firstly understand what Self Sufficiency Shortcuts is all about.

Self Sufficiency ShortcutsWhat Exactly Is The Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts Program?

Created by Richard Grey, a third generation farmer from Salton City, California, the Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts is a step-by-step video guide that teaches people how to make a self-contained, self-automated food production system using Professor F.W. Craven’s micro-farming method to achieve complete water and food independence in just a few short weeks.

The Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts program was specifically designed to be fully operational in just 3 hours or less. The main idea is simple – everything that’s included in this system will benefit each other.

For instance, through the water piping, the waste of the animals would be delivered to the vegetable garden to be used as a fertilizer. The rock bed of the vegetable garden would serve as a natural water filter, thus purifying the water. This water can be used for drinking or transported to a fish tank. And the vegetables can also be used as food for the animals.

To give you a better idea of what the Self Sufficiency Shortcuts program is all about, here are some of the main things Richard Grey and Professor Craven will teach you inside:


  • The materials needed and where to get them at a cheap price or even for free.
  • How to assemble the whole farming system, so it can be fully operational in the next 24 hours.
  • Various tips and tricks on how to setup each module in order to mix and match the animals and plants you want included.
  • Professor Craven’s unique soundproofing technique to keep animal noise levels down to zero.
  • How to keep your farm food cool during hot weather conditions.
  • How to make the setup completely undetectable to the outside world, and more…


Aside from the main video guide, you’ll also receive a comprehensive instructional manual complete with picture illustrations (which serves as a companion manual for the videos) and project completion cheat sheets. There are also several bonus items that Richard Grey offers for any customer of the Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts program, and in short, here is a quick description about them:

Bonus #1: Animal Lifesavers – This report will give you a list of ways animals can save your life.

Bonus #2: Speed Breeding Secrets – This report will teach you simple tricks to speed up your animal’s growth and double your output.

Bonus #3: The Complete Guide To Canning And Preserving Food – As the name suggests, this report will share details on how to preserve meat and veggies, so they can last up to a year.

Bonus 4: Square Foot Potato Production – In this guide you’ll learn how to produce up to 100 pounds of potato yearly.

Bonus #5: 24/7 One-On-One Email Support (1 year) – without any doubt, this is the most important bonus item which will allow you to ask questions regarding the setup process of this system and to get email support from Richard Grey and Professor Craven in case you need it.

Well, that’s just a sneak preview of the Self Sufficiency Shortcuts. Now, let’s go over its various pros and cons to help you decide whether this program is really the right choice for your personal needs or not.

Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts review
The Pros And Cons Of The Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts Program


The Pros


Affordable And Pays For Itself

There is no doubt that the program itself is really affordable. As for the materials needed, it’ll cost you less than you normally spend for your groceries each month.

Considering the fact that in exchange you get a supply of free food and water for a long time, this program can save you lots of money in the future.

Very Simple To Setup

A screwdriver is practically the only tool you’ll need to have everything up and running. If you know how to use that and follow instructions well, you’re good to go. You can even let your kids help out, if you want.

It also helps that both videos and written manuals are available, so you can choose where to get instructions based on your preferences.

Easy To Manage

After setting it up, you would only need around 5 minutes a day to manage your mini farm. It doesn’t take up much of your time and effort because the whole system practically runs on autopilot.

This means that system is really perfect for older individuals, who are too weak or too lazy to do heavy jobs.


Unlike conventional farms or gardens, the Self Sufficiency Shortcuts system doesn’t take up too much space or requires a backyard. The noise of your chosen animals won’t even be heard through the help of Professor Craven’s soundproofing technique, which blocks out all kinds of sounds.

A 100% Money-Back Guarantee Is In Place

Aside from the one-on-one email support that Richard Grey and Professor Craven offer for each one of their customers, they also provide full money back guarantee for 60 days.

This guarantee actually allows you to test their Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts program completely risk-free.


The Cons


Who’s Professor F.W. Craven?

It’s great that Professor Craven invented this ground-breaking system, however we really wish that Richard Grey gave his full name, not just the initials F.W., and also complete professional history.

We don’t know about you, but we feel more at peace when we know the complete background of each author.

Others May Not Still Be Able To Afford It

The cost of the program and setup is affordable, if you have money safely tucked away or have a source of income. But what about those who are completely bankrupt?

Well, we personally believe that these people will find it a bit too expensive for them to set Professor Craven’s system.

No Physical DVDs Or Manuals Available

Similar to other popular guides in this niche, such as Backyard Liberty and Food For Freedom, The Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts program is formatted in a downloadable digital format (videos and eBooks) and after you pay you’ll get instant access to all the materials needed to have this system up and running.

However, if you want a hard copy or have a very slow internet connection then this may be a con for you.

Self Sufficiency Shortcuts Richard Grey Professor F.W. Craven
Our Verdict

Overall, we personally believe that the Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts is a very useful system that can be a great solution for many people, especially during droughts, war and natural disasters. Even if you spend money now for this program, you’ll be able to eventually get it back from the savings of not buying lots of groceries or paying for your water bill.

We personally really like that even if you only finished fourth grade or lack technical skills, you’ll be able to set the whole thing up without extra help. The instructions are simple and you won’t need power tools, just a screwdriver.

We also like the whole concept, including the auto-pilot food production and system management. No need to constantly scoop up animal waste, water the plants or clean the fish tank. Elderly people, or even the self-proclaimed lazy people, would absolutely love this.

Furthermore, your neighbors or looters won’t even know you’re running a micro-farm because it’s noise-free and you won’t have to worry about being reported to the authorities for running a farm in your home.

With all that said, the Self Sufficiency Shortcuts is not for everyone.

Although this program and its materials are affordable, others who are completely bankrupt may have to be more creative in order to secure the program and the materials needed.

In addition, we must admit that we were sort of disappointed that we weren’t able to find any information about Professor F.W. Craven. If only Richard Grey gave his full name, we would perhaps find more information about him and feel more at peace about his program.

All in all, however, we would highly recommend this micro-farming system to everyone who wants to achieve complete water and food independence.

Moreover, considering the money back guarantee from Richard Grey and the special discounted price for the complete Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts program, we feel that there is nothing for you to lose…

Well, that is it for our review of the Self Sufficiency Shortcuts program by Richard Grey and Professor F.W. Craven. We hope that you have found the answers you were hoping for and we wish you the best!

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