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In today’s post we will review the Secret Death Touches program by Robert Lawrence. As we always do, we will firstly cover the most important things that this program can offer you, explain in simple language what you can expect to learn once you purchase it, and of course, talk about the pros and cons which you should keep in mind in order to make a final decision.

Firstly, let’s understand what the “Secret Death Touches” is all about…

Secret Death Touches

What Exactly Is The Secret Death Touches?


Created by Robert Lawrence, a former U.S. marine, “Secret Death Touches” is a self-defense program that contains a forbidden and deadly “one-touch” martial art technique, along with other eleven techniques, that’s powerful enough to immobilize, cripple, and even kill any attacker.

Robert Lawrence says that after two men pulled a gun on him and his grandchildren in a toy store parking lot, he vowed that no one would harm him or his family – ever. This intense desire led him to China, where he trained with an old martial arts master named Li, who claimed of killing Bruce Lee using a forbidden one-touch death move.

The concept behind this self-defense technique is quite similar to acupuncture. In acupuncture, a practitioner inserts thin needles in specific pressure points in the body in order to heal and maintain good health. In the case of death touches, the concept is still the same, but instead of promoting good health, you apply a small amount of force to certain pressure points that connect to major organs of the body.

Everything Robert Lawrence learned from Li is revealed in the Secret Death Touches program, and inside you can expect to learn the following…

  • A follow-along video that shows how you can exactly execute each of the 11 death touches.
  • A comprehensive guide that shows you how each death move work.
  • 24 extra self-defense techniques from Li.
  • The one thing you should never do when dealing with an armed assailant.
  • How you can overthrow any attacker in just seconds using only your fingers.
  • A technique that will make your attacker’s sinus membrane burst.
  • The reason why you should refrain from using your fist in combat.
  • How tapping a small pressure point will send your attacker to the nearest hospital, without ever touching his nose.
  • Where to strike your assailant when he has you in a tight headlock or puts a knife to your throat.
  • Of course, step-by-step directions on the ancient “one-touch” technique that will permanently immobilize anyone in under a second.
  • A move that will help you to quickly and safely neutralize your attacker before he can cock the trigger.
  • Two self-defense techniques that are so dangerous that you should use them only when your life is in immediate danger. The first move will interrupt with your heart’s regular rhythm, and the second move will cause organ failure.
  • One thing you must avoid when an assailant suddenly points his gun on your face.
  • A two-finger move that’s so effective that it can cause your assailant to drop to his knees due to extreme pain.
  • What you should never do when faced with several attackers, and much more…

This is just a summary of what you’ll find inside the Secret Death Touches program by Robert Lawrence. More details about other important topics that are covered in this program can be found on the official website.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the various pros and cons…

Secret Death Touches review

The Pros And Cons Of The Secret Death Touches System


The Pros


Almost Anyone Can Master It

You don’t need prior martial arts training, have a deep knowledge of acupuncture, or have powerful muscles in order to master the death touches. You just need to follow instructions, which are not hard to do because of the comprehensive video training and guide, and regularly practice the techniques.

Better Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones

Have you been a victim of a violent attack? If no, great! But, robbery, sexual attacks, domestic violence, and the likes do not discriminate. They can happen to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Of course, you can always take martial arts classes if you want, however, these would demand lots of time and money.

No Need To Kill Anyone

Okay, you can if the situation asks for it. However, you don’t really have to if it’s against your belief. Inside the Secret Death Touches program you’ll be shown how to adjust the amount of force for each move in order to only cripple or knock out your attacker.

A Cheaper And Practical Option

The cost of most martial arts classes, like Tae Kwon Do, karate, and Kung Fu, doesn’t really differ that much. According to, the average cost of martial arts classes is $103 per month for studio members, $75-$149 per month for private studios, and $45-$99 per month for gym and community center classes.

With the Secret Death Touches, you only need to pay a ONE-TIME fee of less than $50 to get hold of the entire program. And the great thing about it is you can learn at your own pace and time. In addition, unlike in-person martial arts training programs, you have the added benefit of…

A Full 60-Day Refund Guarantee

So, we’re sure you’re highly doubtful if this would work for you. We were, too. That’s why we appreciate that Robert Lawrence has this guarantee in place.

In simple words, you can take the Secret Death Touches system for a test drive, and if you’re not happy with what you learned or the results you achieved within two months, simply demand for a full refund…


The Cons


Falling Into The Wrong Hands

What if a criminal or a would-be criminal gets hold of this self-defense program? That’s always one of the dangers of sharing these types of self-defense techniques. If that’s the case, you might as well master this art, too. Agree?

Still Needs Time And Commitment

While the lessons are not too complex, you still need to dedicate a portion of your time in learning and practicing these death touches. Unlike working with personal trainers, here you will need to have more self-discipline.

Remember the first con? You must be better than your attacker, so keep practicing.

An Electronic Self-Defense Program

Similar to the Forbidden Kill Strikes system that we reviewed here recently, the Secret Death Touches is composed of a step-by-step training video series and an informative guide, and you can download everything in the “members only” area. If you have a slow internet connection or want a physical copy, this program may not be for you…

Robert Lawrence Secret Death TouchesThe Bottom Line

Whether Robert’s story about Master Li is true or not, we still highly believe that the Secret Death Touches is a valuable self-defense resource for everybody. It’s explained in simple language complete with follow-along training videos, which really make the learning process easier and faster.

Are there other programs that teach the death touch?

Honestly, we did found some online, but they cost more than $100 a pop. Just today we saw a Facebook video that shows a brief tutorial on how to handle an attacker using pressure points. However, the techniques shared were only designed to cause pain or weaken the muscles of the attacker. They don’t produce the same powerful effects as Master Li’s death touches…

Overall, if you want to cripple, knock unconscious, or kill (which we hope you don’t have to do) any attacker, if you want to learn at your own pace and schedule, if you don’t want to pay per session, monthly, or yearly fees, then the Secret Death Touches is a great option for you.

Moreover, considering that Robert Lawrence also offers full money-back guarantee for his Secret Death Touches program, we believe that there isn’t any financial risk here. You can simply take his program to a “test drive” for a couple of weeks and if you feel that this is not what you were expecting then you can simply ask Robert for a complete refund…

Well, that’s it for our review of the Secret Death Touches program by Robert Lawrence. We really hope this gave you the information you were looking for… Stay safe and all the best!

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