Prepping For Pennies By Dave Steen – Real Review

If you heard about Prepping for Pennies by Dave Steen and you wonder if this survival course is a good choice for your personal needs or not, then you are more than welcome to check our review below.

On this Prepping for Pennies review we will provide you with all the details we feel you should know about this course, explain you what you are going to learn inside and present you with the different pros and cons that we have personally found.

Firstly, let’s understand what Prepping for Pennies is all about…

Prepping For Pennies

What Exactly Is “Prepping for Pennies”?


Created by Dave Steen, an experienced survivalist and author at top survival websites, Prepping for Pennies is a collection of Dave’s proven techniques that will help you and your loved ones prepare for and survive a crisis while keeping the cost real low.

In short, here are some of the main topics that Dave Steen shares inside his Prepping for Pennies course:

  • Thirty-two methods used for transforming common household items into very sturdy devices.
  • Dave’s 7 Secret Slasher Techniques that will help you immediately lower your survival expenditure to pennies.
  • A sixty-second method that would allow you to have well-designed survival gear made from your everyday stuff.
  • Information and advice on the best way to store a one-year supply of food while saving thousands of dollars.
  • Four rules you should follow at all cost in order to keep the cost of your spending at almost zero.
  • Where to find a dependable supply of money in times of crisis (it’s not your savings account).
  • Four money-saver methods for stocking up clean water.
  • How to prepare for any kind of crisis using a simple idea from the Pilgrims.
  • The best little-known coupon tactics that are guaranteed to save you money.
  • The top eight parts of a second-hand car that you can use to replace some of the expensive survival gears.
  • How to secure a great survival shelter without building it yourself or draining your bank account.
  • The top five locations you should check out to get a one-year supply of firewood for free, and much more…

Aside from the main Prepping for Pennies manual, Dave Steen also included three exclusive bonus reports for free inside his package. These bonus reports are:

1. “Making Your Own Survival Equipment” – Inside this guide you’ll learn how to get endless supply of free hot water, how to create high quality solar panels, and how to build Dave’s Zeer Pot to keep your food cool.

2. “The Schappeller Generator”– This free guide contains a completely revised blueprint of the Schappeller Generator, which includes helpful illustrations and pictures as well.

3. “Bug-out Planning Guide” – Inside this guide Dave Steen will share to you every single detail on how to make a fully operational premium bug-out bag.

This is just a glimpse of what you’ll find inside the Prepping for Pennies guide by Dave Steen. For more details about this survival guide and about the other topics that Dave covers inside, you can have a look at this page.

Now, let’s continue and talk about the major pros and cons of this guide…

Prepping For Pennies review

The Pros And Cons Of Prepping For Pennies


The Pros


An A To Z Survival Guide

We must say that Prepping for Pennies is a pretty comprehensive guide. This goes through every possible scenario you may encounter and gives you detailed instructions on how to deal with each.

Designed To Save You Lots Of Money

This is really where the Prepping for Pennies guide stands out from the rest. Dave Steen paid special attention on the monetary cost of being prepared for any crisis, and he gives the cheapest (but most effective and top-notch) foods, materials, and methods based on his three decades of experience as a survivalist. He basically teaches you how to utilize what you already have, so you won’t have to shell out a lot of money just to follow his survival guide.

This is a huge advantage that can help you save a lot of money, especially when compared to other survival guides that only recommend you purchasing more and more expensive gear and materials.

Created By An Experienced Survivalist

Dave Steen started honing his survival skills at an early age. After running away from an orphanage during his teenage years, he was forced to live in a poor neighborhood and to join a gang in order to survive. This is how he first got started.

At 52, he has over 30 years of experience in prepping and survivalism. His website,, shares various topics, from prepping, survival, security, health, to shelter. This is to help individuals protect and survive any man-made or natural disaster.

What we try to say is that Dave Steen is an experienced survivalist and someone that knows his staff very well.

Have Peace Of Mind

In the end, this is the biggest reward of buying the Prepping for Pennies course. With this guide you can sleep soundly at night because you know you’ll be able to protect your family no matter what happens, whether a crisis happens tomorrow or the coming days.

Protected By A Two-Month Refund Guarantee

You’ll have two months to try out the Prepping for Pennies guide and if within that period you think this was a completely useless investment, you can simply send Dave Steen an email to ask for a complete refund of your hard-earned money. This sounds like a fair deal to us…


The Cons


Skepticism And Laziness

Everyone’s a skeptic, especially when it comes to things like this. Some people, if not most, just grow complacent and think that guides like Prepping for Pennies are for the paranoids and complete cuckoos.

Others may buy this guide, but they won’t do anything about what they’ve just learned. They just read a couple of pages, and then grow tired and totally forget about it.

If you are one of these people then the Prepping for Pennies guide is probably not for you. You should understand that purchasing this guide and doing nothing else won’t help you at all, and you must invest the required time to implement everything Dave Steen teaches inside.

You’ll Still Spend Some Money

Unless everything you need is handed out to you for free – perhaps your friend, relative, or neighbor provided them – you should expect to shell out some money on different materials besides the Prepping for Pennies guide. It’s not going to cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, though.

Prepping For Pennies Is Only Available For Purchase Online

Prepping for Pennies is available for purchase only online and the main guide, as well as the the bonus reports, come in digital downloadable format only. This may be a problem for people who are not fond of reading eBooks or those who simply don’t like purchasing products online…

Prepping For Pennies By Dave Steen
The Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that the Prepping for Pennies guide is worth checking out. Firstly, we feel glad that this wasn’t created by some newbie or wannabe survivalist, but actually by someone with over three decades of first-hand knowledge about this matter.

Another thing that we were really happy to see is how detailed this guide is. Everything you need to know about disaster preparedness has been expertly covered by Dave Steen inside, and we believe you won’t grow hungry, thirsty, cold, or afraid during a catastrophic event if you just have this around.

And of course, we can’t forget about its 60-day refund protection. It’s always great to try out programs online that are covered by this kind of guarantee…

With all that said, Prepping for Pennies is not for everyone.

If you’re overly skeptic or lazy to do anything about what you learned, or if you expect that you won’t ever have to shell out even a dime, then the Prepping for Pennies guide may not be for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to be caught unprepared during an actual crisis, or if you don’t want to drain your savings account just to carry out a survival blueprint, then Prepping for Pennies by Dave Steen can be a great option for you.

Moreover, with the decent 60 day-refund guarantee we personally think that there is nothing to lose here…

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Well, that’s it for today’s review of the Prepping for Pennies guide. We hope you have found this review helpful and we wish you and your family happy and safe life!

Jason and Erin

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