Important Self-Defense Tips For Families

self-defense tips for familiesIt is a good idea to teach every member of your family, at least, some type of self-defense techniques. The best self-defense is always being aware of your surroundings. This helps prevent a surprise attack and provides a bit of time to get prepared. To stay aware at all times, follow these helpful tips:

– Always look ahead at where you are going. Check out the ATM, the convenience store or the gas station as you pull in or walk up. Take a close look around at everyone nearby and do not walk into an unknown situation.

– Never jog with headphones or walk with your head down texting. Stay awake and aware.

– Keep a good personal safety zone. Never allow anyone you do not know to get closer than five feet without permission. Ever. If someone does not respect this, attack. Always stand in a relaxed, non-threatening posture from which you can move, if necessary.

– Always walk around corners in a wide arc. This helps prevent someone from jumping or attacking you.

– React quickly. Practice responding if you are surprised by a quick movement, sound or touch.

– Always watch your drink. It is very easy for someone to slip something into a drink.

– Never let a stranger into your home, even if it is a small child who is crying. Always call 911 yourself. If you open the door, you could be rushed by intruders who were hiding.

– If you get a flat tire in a bad neighborhood, keep driving, even if you are driving on the tire rims. This is better than getting out of the car in an area that is dangerous.

– If someone is giving you a bad vibe, walk away and go a different direction.

– If you do get mugged, just hand over your money. Consider preparing a separate “mugging” wallet that you can hand over.

– If someone attempts to abduct you, stand your ground and fight. You stand a better chance of surviving if you stay where you are. If you go with someone, you may never return.

If you do get attacked, there are things you can do to help protect yourself. For example, if you are a woman and someone tries to grab you, drive your extended fingers right into their eyes. If you have to, bite them hard. If they grab you, kick and yell at the top of your voice.

It is a good idea to keep a sturdy pen with you at all times. There are special pens made specifically for self-defense, but a strong, heavy-duty pen will also work. If you are walking to the car or the bus, keep the pen in your hand. If you are grabbed, you can stab the pen into a number of places, including the groin, the thigh, and the face. Dig the pen into the inner arm right at the elbow joint. If nothing else, stab the pen into the attacker’s hands so they will let go, then run.

If you are accosted and the attacker tries to get you into a car or trunk of a car, act compliant at first and then hit them hard in the face or arm to knock away any weapon. Then again, run! You have a much higher chance of surviving if you are running, even if they are shooting at you. It is hard to say, but even if you are hit by a shot, it will most likely not be life-threatening. However, if the attacker gets you into a vehicle, you may not survive. If you cannot get away and do get pushed into a car trunk, most newer cars have release latches within the trunk. If there is no release latch or it has been disabled, try and kick out a rear light and stick your hand or foot out as far as possible and wave it around to attract the attention of other drivers.

Women will sometimes get into their car and then take a moment to write in their checkbook or check off their list. This is not a good idea. As soon as you are in your car, lock the doors, start the car and leave. If someone does manage to get into the car with you, never drive off with them. Instead, gun the engine and drive straight into another vehicle or a wall or a tree. You will survive because of your airbag. As soon as you crash the car, get out and run.

Another good self-defense tip is to always take the keys and lock your car, even if you are just getting gas. If you car is not locked, bad guys can enter your car from the other side and hide until you are driving and then sit up and attack. Additionally, always keep your gas tank full and fill up at gas stations that have good lighting and lots of people. It is a good idea to always get gas during the day.

When you are walking out to your vehicle in a parking lot or a parking garage, always be aware of your surroundings. Check the back seat of your car and the passenger side floor before getting into your car. Also, check the cars or vehicles parked nearby. If there is a man sitting by themselves in the car nearest to yours, turn around and go back to request an escort to your vehicle.

These are some basic self-defense tips to protect your family and yourself. The best self-defense is to be aware of your surroundings at all time and to react quickly and decisively if attacked.

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