How To Survive An Apocalypse – Three Useful Strategies

how to survive an apocalypseThe popularity of television shows such as The Walking Dead have brought to the forefront the idea of how mankind would actually survive an Apocalypse event if it actually occurred.

These thoughts are not new and during the Cuban crisis, where Kennedy and Castro were taunting each other, there was always the thought that World War III would occur at some point. Bomb shelters and fallout shelters were created in mass, all in preparation of what seemed to be the inevitable demise of life as we knew it.

Today, this is still a thought that many people have, specifically how to survive an Apocalypse.

This article will address what an Apocalypse is, and also a couple ways that you could survive one if it should happen during your lifetime.

What Is An Apocalypse?

By definition, an Apocalypse is referential of what the Book of Revelations discusses the virtual end of the world as we know it. It is the obliteration of modern society, the buildings that we have, and the social structure that we have become so used to.

This type of event is thought to be the result of superpowers using nuclear weapons, destroying everything that we hold to be dear. Civilization would in essence cease to exist and the survivors would have to rebuild from that point on. If this will actually occur, here are a few tips that you can actually use to survive an Apocalypse.

How To Survive An Apocalypse?

Finding A Shelter

The very first thing that all of the survivors would have to do is find some sort of shelter. If you were lucky enough to not be exposed to radiation, and you were healthy enough to move about, you would need shelter to protect yourself from the elements and potentially the remaining animals that were left.

You might want to take refuge in basements of homes that were no longer standing, or perhaps in cave if you could find them. Shelter would be your number one objective the moment the apocalypse occurred.

Locate Food And Water

Once you have found a place to live, you would want to find sources of food and water. Without having something to eat or drink, you would not survive for very long. You would want to gather all of this, storing it at your place of refuge, and continued to gather more supplies every day thereafter.

Since you could not go to your local super market, or tend to your garden, gathering supplies from evacuated stores would be the next step in your quest for survival.

Find Ways To Protect Yourself

Supplies would definitely be limited once this happened, and people would become desperate, trying to gather and store as much food and water as possible. If you had food and water in your possession, they might try to take it from you in order to improve their own possibility of survival.

Whether you were able to find large sticks, guns with ammo, or any other types of weapons, you would need these to defend yourself.

Once you had a place to live, supplies that would allow you to eat and drink, and you had a way to defend yourself from potential scavengers that might find you later on, you would want to find clothing, additional food and water sources, and try to hide during the day so that you could not be discovered.

And thinking of how to survive an Apocalypse, these are just a few of the initial steps that you would take in order to give yourself, and your family if they were with you, the best chance of surviving post-apocalyptic times.

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If you have few more minutes you can also check the short and useful YouTube video that contains few more tips that will help you to survive an apocalypse.

Well, that is all for today. We hope that you learned something new here and we wish you the best!

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