How To Survive A Solar Storm With Your Family

how to survive solar stormsMore and more solar flares are hitting earth as we near the year 2016, and even NASA predicts that things can get dangerous down here on earth. The fact is, we know that a large solar storm is brewing, but we really don’t know how bad it’s actually going to get until it gets here. 1859 was the last time the solar flares hit earth, but we really can’t argue that things were a bit different then.

Our society greatly depends on technology, especially in the form of computers and phones, but a severe solar storm can stop our electricity from working. This can be disastrous for mankind, but the most important thing to focus on is survival. Remember: we don’t know when the storm will happen, but we know that it can and will in the near future. Here are some of the ways that you can stay safe:

1. Keep your money out of the bank if you have a lot of it. Though it has been suggested that you keep it under your mattress, a weather proof safe with a lock is a much better idea. It’s important that you have money in the case of a storm. Most of our money never reaches a physical point as we’re completely dependent on online banking. However, if your bank account is wiped clean during a global crisis, you will never get your money back as it’s not covered by insurance policies.

2. You will need power of some sort during the storm, and believe it or not, Britain’s power is so ill prepared for a potential solar storm, that just one flare can leave most of the country without electricity for days. A petrol-powered generator is the safest option for you, and make sure you keep extra fuel on hand should you run out. You never know how long the flares will keep hitting earth, and energy companies may not be able to repair your electricity for days or even weeks.

3. Don’t under any circumstances plan to travel if a solar storm has been predicted. Though an airplane can double as a Faraday cage, it can also get caught in a magnetic storm. The airplane will eventually malfunction and get lost– or worse!

4. If it’s a feasible option for you, it’s best to walk everywhere instead of choosing to ride the bus or drive your car. Should a solar flare hit earth, and the electricity goes down, you can be a victim of a car accident. Non-working traffic lights can cause people to break too late or directly crash into someone else.

A comfortable pair of walking shoes can help you much more than your car can in such a situation. When walking, make sure that you stay away from the edge of the sidewalk. It’s easy to get run over by passing cars if something goes wrong.

5. Start stockpiling enough canned food and water to get you through the storm. You don’t know how many days you’re going to be sitting at home without amenities, so it’s very important that you’re prepared. Since most stores need electricity to run, you will not have access to food and water. If you receive weather reports that a storm is being predicted, it’s time to get stockpiling!

6. Keep some medical supplies on hand and make sure that you have all of your filled prescriptions ready. A storm can last for days or weeks, so it’s wise not to be left without medication that can save your life. Additionally, have an emergency first aid kit that has bandages, painkillers, disinfectant, and other items that you may need in the event of an unfortunate accident.

Lastly, if you ever need confirmation that things are about to get nasty, just look up at the sky. A storm will leave traces in the sky and will resemble the Aurora Borealis, so you know that a storm is brewing. It’s okay to take pictures of it, but don’t use a digital camera! During the storm, it’s best to stay indoors, but the safest place is your hand built Faraday cage that helps refract the magnetism of the solar flares.

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