Get Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart Guide – Our Full Review

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If you heard about Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart by Craig Irons and Chuck Coleman, and you try to understand if this survival guide can really help you personally or not, then we are here to help.

In this review we will explain to you in simple words what the Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart course is all about, what you can expect to find inside, and which pros and cons you should be aware of in order to make a final decision.

Let’s begin with the basics and cover the main concepts of Chuck Coleman and Craig Irons’ course…

Get Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart

What Exactly Is Get Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart?


Created by Craig Irons, an average American living in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Chuck Coleman, a retired Army Ranger and wilderness survival specialist, Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart can be best described as a simple and easy to follow course that provides helpful information on how you and your family can stay safe during a disaster, as well as how to identify holes in your survival plan.

According to Craig Irons and Chuck Coleman, there are three main ways to find holes in your survival plan:

1. Perform a test drill or simulation of an actual disaster, so you can see the vulnerabilities to your survival plan.

2. To test and ensure that your equipment works, and you know how to use it.

3. To use the “Zombie game” that will give you ideas of where the easiest entry points to your home are.

Craig and Chuck believe that by understating the holes and taking some simple actions, everyone can actually build a complete survival plan and to make it through any disaster.

To help you doing so, the authors offer their comprehensive survival guide that contains seven main modules. They say that everything you need to carry out this survival guide can be bought in just one trip to Walmart, and this is exactly the reason it was named “Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart”.

To help you understand what you can expect to find inside the Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart course, listed here is a short description of each one of its main modules:

Module #1: The Ultimate Food Stockpiling Guide – This guide will basically share information on how to store food, so it will last as long as it possibly could. In this module you’ll also find nine foods that will last for up to thirty years, as well as instructional video called “50 Life-Saving Foods to Survive a Crisis.”

Module #2: Never Run Out of Food – As the name hints, this module of the Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart guide will reveal step-by-step directions and tricks on how to grow, catch, and hunt for your food to keep your family’s tummy full throughout a crisis.

This module includes the instructional videos “The Down & Dirty Survival Garden” and “Fishing for Survival”, and it also includes The Survivalist’s Guide to Hunting & Trapping.

Module #3: The Done-For-Your Roadmap to Finding, Purifying, and Storing Water – Here you’ll discover the right way to store and look for clean water. You’ll also learn for how long water can be safe to drink, which poisonous water containers to steer clear from, water purification techniques, safest natural water sources, and so on.

Module #4: 135 Survival Essentials – Inside this module you’ll basically get hold of Chuck Coleman’s 135 must-have items for life-or-death situations.

Module #5: Home to Fortress in 7 Days – Inside this module you’ll learn things like the 10 entry points that intruders commonly get through and how to fortify your home.

Module #6: Dirty Self-Defense Tricks – In this module Craig Irons and Chuck Coleman provide information about different topics such as 12 self-defense tricks, best weapon for defense, and a police riot weapon that’s readily available at Walmart.

Module #7: How To Instantly Get a “Survive Anything” Mindset – Here you will basically find useful information on how you and your family can have Chuck’s survival mindset.

In addition to these modules, when purchasing the Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart package you will also get some free reports from Craig Irons and Chuck Coleman.

We won’t talk about each one of these reports on our review, because you can read about all of them at this page. However, in short, these bonus reports include the following: “Test Your Plan for Holes”, “Save $1,000’s on Your Stockpile”, “6 Fool-Proof Strategies to Keep Your Stockpile Hidden”, “Erase Your Name Off The Grid”, “Spot a Disaster Before It Hits”, and “The Wealthiest Man of the Apocalypse”.

Well, this is basically what you can expect to find when purchasing the Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart guide.

Now, let’s move on and discuss the different pros and cons of this survival course so you can understand better if Craig Irons and Chuck Coleman’s guide is really the right choice for you PERSONALLY or not.

Get Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart review

The Pros And Cons Of Get Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart


The Pros


Comprehensive Survival Guide With Useful Information

This is one of the things we really like about the Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart. It covers every possible situation – from topics regarding food, water, and down to self-defense, and you really don’t have to wait for terrorists to wreak havoc in order to use this guide.

You can actually use many things that Craig Irons and Chuck Coleman teach in this guide for every day situations, especially if you live in a remote area.

Easy To Comprehend

You’ll easily understand what the authors want you to do because everything’s explained in detail and straight to the point. You’ll even get instructional videos to make the learning easier.

Preparedness And Security

At the end of the day, guides like Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart will allow you and your family to sleep soundly every night, because you know that if thieves try to break into your house, or if a natural calamity strikes, you’re well prepared for the situation.

Affordable Choice

For a relatively inexpensive one-time investment you’ll get 7 modules and several bonus guides that cover different topics which will help you create the best fool-proof survival plan for your needs.

This combination of great price and lots of information makes the Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart guide an amazing value for money choice compared to many other popular survival guides on the market today.

Two Months Refund Promise

Similar to other legit survival courses, you can get every penny you spent back if for some reason you don’t find the Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart useful for you.

In our opinion this guarantee makes Craig Irons and Chuck Coleman’s guide a totally risk free investment.


The Cons


Lots Of Reading

Normally, we love comprehensive guides and free reports. However, if you’re the type of person who’s really busy, you have to get ready because there are several free reports and 7 modules you have to go through…

With that said, you don’t really have to go through all of them at one time. Depending on your personal schedule, you can spend 30 minutes to an hour of your time each day to read and watch the Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart course from the comfort of your home.

A Digitally Sold Survival Guide

Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart is a PDF guide, with instructional videos included in the package as well.

If you prefer a DVD or paperback copy, you will probably be disappointed to hear that it’s currently not being offered by the authors.

Craig Irons Chuck Coleman survival walmart
The Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart is worth checking out.

While some people may think that it is going too far, we think that it is important to remember that we are always under threat. It might not always be because of terrorist groups and it could be for other reasons, such as natural calamities. This is actually what we really like about this survival guide – it is relevant and useful in a wide range of situations, and it can help you become fully prepared for different disaster scenarios.

In addition, we also like that it’s really easy to understand and implement what Craig Irons and Chuck Coleman share inside, and everything is clearly explained so there’s no room for confusion.

With that said, Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart is not for everyone.

If you think that this is pure paranoia, if you don’t think you need to prepare for any kind of crisis, or if you simply don’t plan to take any action after purchasing this guide, then Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart is probably not for you.

On the other hand, if you worry about your family’s welfare and you are looking for a comprehensive, affordable and easy to follow guide that will help you to be prepared when the next disaster strikes, then the Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart package is a great option for you.

Moreover, consider the fact that this survival guide comes with a complete refund policy for 60 days, we personally don’t see why you should not check this out…

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Well, that’s it for our Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart review. We hope that this review was helpful for you and wish you a safe and happy life!

Jason and Erin

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