Forbidden Kill Strikes By Chuck Eastman – Detailed Review

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Below you will find our complete review of the Forbidden Kill Strikes program by Chuck Eastman. For your convenience, we divided the review into 3 sections:

In the first section we provide general information about the guide and the things you can expect to learn with it.

In the second section we provide an in-depth look at the pros and cons that we have found.

In the last section we summarize our thoughts and feelings, and explain everything that we believe will help you make an informed decision.

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forbidden kill strikesWhat Exactly Is Forbidden Kill Strikes?

In simple words, “Forbidden Kill Strikes” is an easy-to-follow self-defense guide which can help you and your family survive a deadly attack from assailants and robbers.

This guide was created by Chuck Eastman, a family guy who was inspired by how an 8-year old girl was able to fight off her attackers. Chuck says he realized that people, regardless of age, can defend themselves and their loved ones by only using simple strikes.

His Forbidden Kill Strikes program is based on the combination of American and Asian fighting schemes which can be greatly effective as compared to pure Asian fighting routines. Chuck says he learned these specific techniques from the young girl’s father who is a former paramilitary soldier, assassin, and expert in self-defense…

The Things You Will Learn With The Forbidden Kill Strikes Program

In a nutshell, here are a few examples of the main things you will learn in the guide:

  • You will find useful information about the ancient American and prison-style fight techniques, as well as the brutal barbaric moves, which were used 200 years ago during the war.
  • You’ll encounter some simple yet deadly fighting techniques used by martial arts experts all around the world.
  • You will also discover a combination of fighting techniques used in remote countries such as Silat in Malaysia and Krav in the Middle East.
  • Chuck Eastman also shares some hidden “kill” styles which can neutralize your enemy in just a matter of seconds.
  • Another thing that you will find in the Forbidden Kill Strikes manual is a detailed fighting guide which only uses common household objects that are readily available such as toothpicks, paper, and umbrellas.
  • You will find out tips on how to strip away your enemy’s weapons such as guns and knives, and much more…

Apart from the Forbidden Kill Strikes guide, Chuck Eastman also included 3 bonus manuals at no additional cost:

Bonus #1 Protect And Detain Initiative

This is an informative guide that teaches you how to restrain, tie-up, and detain any kind of person you want, whether they are armed or twice as big as you.

Bonus #2 Teach And Train Initiative

This bonus manual will allow you to pass on the Forbidden Kill Strikes techniques easily to your loved ones using pre-made lesson plans that detail the system’s methodology.

Bonus #3 Short Stack Initiative

The third bonus will enable the “vertically challenged” people defend themselves from assailants regardless of their height. This is also applicable for children whom you want to teach basic self-defense techniques…


forbidden-kill-strikes-reviewThe Pros And Cons Of The Forbidden Kill Strikes


The Pros


Easy To Follow Routines

Chuck Eastman’s Forbidden Kill Strikes program is composed of easy to follow maneuvers that even untrained individuals can perform during an attack. Although all the methods are simple to follow, they can be lethal to your opponent.

In addition, unlike martial arts and other forms of defense, the Forbidden Kill Strike can be mastered in a short span of time and can be used effectively.

Suitable For All Types of People

In general, everyone can learn and use the Forbidden Kill Strikes regardless of age and gender. Both young and old can follow the routines without causing medical injuries or muscle strains, and even the younger ones can learn the techniques so that they will be able to defend themselves from kidnappers and assailants.

Time Efficient

Chuck Eastman promises that it will only take 8 days or less for you to learn all the Forbidden Kill Strikes he teaches. This is relatively fast compared to enrolling yourself in a self-defense class which may take up to months before you master everything.

This advantage makes the Forbidden Kill Strikes program a great option for people who have a little time to spare but still want to defend themselves and their loved ones during difficult situations.

Two-Month Money Back Guarantee

Chuck Eastman offers a full refund guarantee for his Forbidden Kill Strikes package and promises that if within 2-months of purchasing the program you won’t find it useful, he will send you all the money you invested in it back.

This kind of guarantee makes Forbidden Kill Strikes a risk-free option…


The Cons


Training Partner May Be Required

It will be difficult for you to practice the techniques alone, and you will probably have to get a training partner who will play as the attacker. This will allow you to become more prepared during encounters and smoothly perform the techniques.

Only Available In Digital Copies

The Forbidden Kill Strikes guidebook, as well as the bonus materials, come in digital copies only. Unfortunately, no in-house stores are selling printed copies of the guide, and you will have no choice but to purchase the product online.

If you are not a technology buff, or if you simply don’t like the concept of eBooks, then this may be a downside for you…

chuck-eastman-forbidden-kill-strikesThe Bottom Line

All things considered, the Forbidden Kill Strikes program is a practical choice for people who want to learn easy yet effective self-defense techniques. Regardless of age and gender, you will be able to perform and master the skills in just a matter of several days, provided that you have a one-on-one sparring partner.

This program will enable you to advance your skills and become more ready during a real attack. Although it can only be purchased digitally, you can still enjoy it in an old-fashioned way of reading by simply printing yourself a copy to read.

With regard to the end result, just remember that people are unique and different to one another, so results may still vary depending on the time you spent on the program and your actual practice.

However, we believe you won’t have any problem with regard to the results, as this product is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. With this guarantee in mind, we don’t see any reason to skip the Forbidden Kill Strikes program without giving it at least a try…

Well, that’s all for today. We really hope that you enjoyed reading our review and found it useful. For any question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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