Extreme Family Survival By Jason Richards – Full Review

If you heard about Extreme Family Survival by Jason Richards and you wonder if this new survival course is really for you or not, then in today’s review we will try to answer your questions.

On this Extreme Family Survival review we are going to cover this course in details, explain to you what you can expect to learn inside and discuss the different pros and cons which we believe you must know about Jason Richards’ course before making a final decision.

Firstly, let’s understand what Extreme Family Survival is all about…

Extreme Family Survival

What Exactly Is Extreme Family Survival?


Created by Jason Richards, an ex-U.S. soldier, a survival expert, and the founder of the Family Survival Course, Extreme Family Survival is a new comprehensive course that was designed to help people acquire important skills and knowledge on how they can survive with their families through any kind of long-term crisis, man-made or natural.

Jason Richards says that these days it seems that more and more politicians are bullying the American public only to serve their own selfish purposes. Thus, he claims that now it’s important than ever to be fully aware and prepared for the danger that lies ahead.

As a result, on the Extreme Family Survival course Jason Richards offers all the information he believes you must know in order to be fully prepared for any crisis. Inside this course you will basically find information that range from food shortages to natural calamities, from power crisis to money, from medicines to home invasion, and down to Martial Law survival.

More specifically, purchasing the Extreme Family Survival system will give you access to free lifetime updates, several bonus items and the following 10 guides:

1. The Survival Medicine Guide – Basically, this will show you the items you should include in your medical kit and the best natural and inexpensive remedies for every possible sickness you and your family may face during a crisis, even if you don’t have medical training.

2. The Survival Food Guide – This guide will share information on how to stock, store, cook and grow your own food, so you’ll never run out of it when the time comes.

3. The Water Crisis Guide – This guide will teach you how to have plenty of purified drinking water, even if there’s a drought.

4. The Home Safety Guide – As the title hints, this guide contains simple yet effective steps to ensure your home won’t get looted or burned.

5. Get Your Gun Guide – Inside this guide you’ll learn about the ultimate gun you should have and steps for choosing and using the right weapon.

6. Natural Disaster Kit – This guide covers almost all possible natural disasters – from hurricanes to volcanic eruptions, from earthquakes to drought, and from tsunamis to floods.

7. The Financial Survival Guide – This valuable guide will equip you with the right skills, plans and resources to survive an economic crisis. This comes with a special bonus called “How to Barter for Profit.”

8. The Martial Law Survival Guide – This guide will teach you how to ensure that you and your family will never be subjected to any summary execution by law officers, forced relocation, curfews, and others. It comes with a free bonus called “Riot Safety for Patriots.”

9. The Power Grid Collapse Guide – This guide will teach you how to be independent from the power grid through building your own power sources, like solar panels and a back-up power source.

10. The Survival Mindset Guide – This guide will basically show you what can be done to prepare you mentally, so you can stay collected no matter how scary a situation is.

This is just a sneak peak of the Extreme Family Survival course. If you are looking for more details about the different guides that Jason Richards offers and about the bonus items that come with them, then feel free to check the official site.

Now, let’s go over the different pros and cons of the Extreme Family Survival program so you can understand better if this survival course is really the ideal pick for you personally

Extreme Family Survival review

The Pros And Cons Of Extreme Family Survival


The Pros


Covers Almost All Possible Crises

It’s quite obvious that Jason Richards has really thought this out and used his experience and knowledge as a former U.S. soldier and a survival expert when creating this course. Inside the Extreme Family Survival package you’ll find disaster plans and tips for natural calamities, economic collapse, security issues and much more, and this course really covers almost any kind of disaster or crisis that may happen in the future.

Relevant And Useful Information

We believe that most of the things Jason shared in the Extreme Family Survival system are also useful in everyday settings. For instance, The “Water Crisis Guide” is a valuable resource for people living in deserts or areas with poor or contaminated water supply. Another example is the “Home Safety Guide” which makes sure your home is intruder-proof, even if you live in a peaceful neighborhood.

Very Affordable Compared To Similar Survival Courses Online

At the time of writing, all the guides, bonus items and lifetime updates that Jason Richards offers inside his Extreme Family Survival package are available for only one-time low price. If you ask us, we expected Jason to price this higher because of the jam-packed information he’s giving.

We believe that with its current price, Extreme Family Survival is with no doubt one of the most affordable survival courses available online right now.

An Easy Read

Each survival guide inside the Extreme Family Survival package is well organized and written using common language, so it’s quite rare to get things wrong here. So far, from our research and the feedback we got, most users of this survival course didn’t have problems implementing Jason Richards’ directions at all.

Two-Month Full Refund Guaranteed By Jason

We also appreciate that Jason Richards has this course covered with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This way you can actually try it with no risk at all…


The Cons


Tons Of Reading

We must admit that reading fifteen guides will definitely put a strain on your eyes and give you a headache after some time, especially if you’re not a book reader. The good thing, however, is that each guide talks about different topics, so you can just skip to the ones you’re most interested in.

This way or that way, taking few days to go through all the material may be a better idea than going through all the guides on the same day.

Everything Is Digitally Formatted

Well, we did wish there was an option to get a physical book or DVD copy of the Extreme Family Survival system. However, right now Jason Richards offers his survival course at a digital copy only, and the only way to get the complete package is to purchase it online.

Extreme Family Survival Jason Richards
The Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that the Extreme Family Survival course can be a great choice for many people. True, there are similar products being offered online, however, only few of them contain so much information and are really made by a qualified author, like Jason, who trained and served in the U.S. military and is a survival specialist.

We were especially impressed by all the guides that you can find inside the Extreme Family Survival package, and considering the affordable one-time fee we really doubt you will find a complete survival course that offers such a great value for the money.

In addition, we also liked that you don’t really have to wait for something bad to happen in order to apply the things you will learn inside this course in your life. That’s the beauty of the Extreme Family Survival course and one thing that we believe many people will appreciate.

With all that said, the Extreme Family Survival system is not for everyone.

Firstly, if you’re not serious about getting prepared for any disaster, then Extreme Family Survival is probably not for you. You should understand that reading all the material inside the different guides and not taking any action after that will probably be a waste of your time and money. In addition, if you don’t like reading at all and you are looking for a short guide with some basic survival techniques and that’s it, then we won’t recommend you getting the Extreme Family Survival system from the beginning.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a complete survival course which is easy to understand and reasonably priced which can really help you and your family to be prepared for economic meltdown, wars, and natural calamities, then Extreme Family Survival is a great option for you.

Well, that’s basically everything we think you should know about Jason Richards’ Extreme Family Survival course. We really hope you enjoyed reading our review and we wish you and your family the best!

Jason and Erin

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