Things To Have In Your Emergency Preparedness Supplies Kit

Emergency Preparedness Supplies KitEmergency preparedness supplies kit is a lifesaver after a disaster passes. Chances are that you will come face to face with a disaster at one point in your life.

The most common scenario will be a weather related disaster that will most likely chase you and your family out of your home. If you are lucky enough to have your home with you after the disaster, then you will need to find a means of surviving the tough few days or week ahead as medical supplies, social amenities, among other important things in life around your home can be brought back to normal. That is why you need to have well stocked emergency supplies kit.

Knowing and having essential survival supplies is part of proper emergency preparedness planning. It is easier to know what you need by breaking down the emergency preparedness supplies into FOUR categories:


  • Emergency food and water supplies
  • Emergency medical supplies
  • Emergency survival gear and equipment
  • Necessary actions to take


1. Emergency Food and Water Supplies

Stocking up food and water is vital. Your supplies should be enough for the entire family and inclusive of any special foods for those will special dietary health issues. The foods you stock up in your emergency preparedness supplies kit should have a long shelf life.

Nevertheless, you need to periodically check on the foods and bring in fresh stock after every few months. Water too is an important supply that should also be enough and changed periodically.

2. Emergency Medical Supplies

You never know the level of damage the disaster might cause to the home or worse to your loved ones. Hence, you need to keep proper supply of medicines and medical equipment like a scale, bandages, cotton, scissors, antiseptics, and the other things commonly found in the standard first aid kit.

You also should ensure that you have enough medical supplies for those of the family who might have special medical needs such as allergies and asthma. On the some note, you need to make sure you are fully conversant with various first aid procedures like handle major or minor cuts and fractures.

3. Emergency Survival Gear and Equipment

Your emergency preparedness supplies kit will not be complete if it lacks the necessary survival gear and equipment. You should ensure that you have a high quality weather resistant tent, a few torches or flashlights, solar powered phones and radio to stay in communication and informed of all developments after the storm, warm clothes, water resistance shoes, warm blankets, and a portable stove among other important gear and equipment.

4. Necessary Actions to Take

Making sure that the family is aware of what to do when disaster hits is very important. Taking the right measures and correction action will greatly lower the risk of injury or the death of any one of your family members. This is an important activity that should always be revisited after every few months and necessary changes made where necessary to make the emergency preparedness plans solid. It will make little sense if you have all the necessary emergency preparedness supplies and have no proper plans in place for the necessary actions to take once disaster strikes.

These things are crucial in any emergency preparedness supplies kit and we will recommend any family to have these supplies ready at home. For more tips and advice that can help you to be ready for different disasters check out our reviews on the alive after crisis guide or the darkest days book for specific information about emp attack.

We hope that this help and we wish you a great week!

Jason and Erin

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