Charles Hayek’s Surviving The Final Bubble Program Review


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Today we will review the guide called “Surviving the Final Bubble” by Charles Hayek.

We will start our review with some details about the main things that you can expect to learn in the guide, continue with an in-depth section about its pros and cons, and in the last part sum up everything that we personally think you should know about Surviving the Final Bubble before you are making a final decision.

First of all, let’s talk about the basics…

Surviving the Final Bubble

What Exactly Is Surviving The Final Bubble?


“Surviving the Final Bubble” is a survival guide that was created by a retired economics professor named Charles Hayek. In simple words, this comprehensive guide teaches you how to survive and thrive in the midst of a Big Bank Derivatives pending collapse.

Charles Hayek explains that he is predicting that in 2016 there will be a major banking collapse.
Big banks as well as other financial institutions will crash, and the financial crisis will bankrupt all banking products, including retirement funds, pensions and savings.

However, during this upcoming economic disaster, there is a way for individuals to protect their wealth and survive. Charles says that during his research he met a man by the name of Mark Baker, which in 2009 quit his job in order to get serious about prepping. Supposedly, he visited Greece so he could experience effects from the economic meltdown there first-hand, in addition to seeing how people there were coping with things during this crisis.

Charles and Mark decided to team up and to create a comprehensive guide that will show Americans everything they need to know about the pending big bank collapse, so that they can be prepared for it when it happens.

In simple words, that is how their “Surviving the Final Bubble” guide was born…

To help you better understand what Mark Baker and Charles Hayek are teaching in their guide, the following is a brief summary of the main topics that Surviving the Final Bubble covers:

  • 12 essential skills that Mark says you need to have in order to survive, as well as thrive, during the upcoming financial collapse.
  • Why silver is such a good investment and the best place to purchase it so that you can avoid getting scammed.
  • How you can have a secret supply of nutritious and long-lasting water and food.
  • The best methods for ensuring the well-being and safety at all times of senior citizens and children.
  • Useful information about 3 crucial assets that don’t need to be declared to the U.S. Government.
  • Which asset to purchase during the financial crisis, and much more…

It is also important to note that two bonus reports come with the Surviving the Final Bubble guide:

1. A useful report that shares effective tips for how to cope with crippling emotions that disasters cause, and how a positive attitude can be maintained.

2. Another report that shows you how to dispose of potentially toxic materials, how to organize your hygiene needs, and the most effective ways of using hygiene products.

This is just a short overview of the main things that Charles Hayek provides in Surviving the Final Bubble. For more details about the methods that he teaches and the bonus reports that he provides, you can also have a look at this page.

Now, let’s continue and talk about the main pros and cons of Charles Hayek’s program…

Charles Hayek Survive the Final Bubble

The Pros And Cons Of Surviving The Final Bubble


The Pros


Fairly Easy To Understand And Implement

The main concepts that appear in the Surviving the Final Bubble guide are explained by Charles Hayek in a user-friendly and simple way. Although you may need to reread some of the sections of the guide to fully understand it, overall it is quite easy to follow and implement everything Charles mentions inside.

There Is A Solid Basis For Charles’ Prediction

Quite honestly, there are many survival books online today that either tell complete lies or exaggerate the truth. However, when it comes to Surviving the Final Bubble, we believe that this is not the case.

When doing our research online in order to check the main claims that Charles Hayek made in his guide, we were able to locate a few interesting articles from financial experts regarding the future economic collapse in 2016.

You can simply do a quick Google search yourself, and we are pretty sure that you will find dozens of articles on news sites that will show you that Charles’ prediction has a solid basis.

Even With No Financial Crisis It’s Still Useful

We believe that some information contained in the Surviving the Final Bubble Pack may be useful even in good economic times.

As an example, the world is full of negative people and events. That is why it is such a good idea to go through the bonus report called “Survival Mindset” to help you develop a positive mindset and handle overwhelming emotions effectively.

Good Financial Advice Is Offered

In his Surviving the Final Bubble guide, some interesting financial advice is offered by Charles Hayek.

A good yet simple example is the recommendation to invest in silver. As you know, the more common advice is for investing in gold, and that’s why we became a bit doubtful when Charles suggested that we need to invest in silver instead.

However, after doing our own research, we have found that many experts agree that silver is a stable and safe investment. Actually, most of these experts said that during a major financial crisis, silver should be the number one choice.

60-Day Full Refund Guarantee

Surviving The Final Bubble is offered with a 60-day money back guarantee from Clickbank. That means if you aren’t happy with the guide for whatever reason, you can be assured that your request for refund will be processed appropriately.

Provides You With Peace Of Mind

If you wonder if the Big Bank Derivatives collapse really is going to take place, we can’t say for sure that it will. However, we do think whether it takes place or not, that it is always a good idea to be prepared for whatever type of disaster might occur.

This is exactly where the Surviving The Final Bubble program can help…


The Cons


Information On The Author

We have searched all over the Internet, but were unable to find any additional background information on Charles Hayek.

Although it isn’t the first time we’ve seen authors of survival guides use a pen name for keeping their identity private, personally we think that having more information on the background of the author can provide this kind of guides with added credibility.

If Charles Hayek is reading this, we hope that he will consider adding more information about his background and credentials on the official Surviving The Final Bubble site.

Some People Might Have Difficulties Understanding It

Not everyone really cares about updating or educating ourselves on the economy. Therefore, some of the terms and concepts in the book might be completely new to you.

However, overall, the guide is easy to understand, and you can always Google things you don’t understand.

Only Available In Digital Format

Surviving the Final Bubble is only sold in PDF format and it cannot be purchased offline. If you prefer having a physical book or if you have a poor internet connection, it may be some kind of disappointment for you…

Surviving the Final Bubble review

The Bottom Line

Overall, Surviving the Final Bubble by Charles Hayek is an interesting and important guide that many people can benefit from.

While we personally think that Charles Hayek should provide more information about his background and credentials in order to add more credibility to his guide, we respect his reasons to keep his identity private and don’t think that this should be a deal breaker.

After all, most of the authors of similar guides online use pen names, and we believe that this doesn’t affect the quality of the information offered in each guide at all…

In our opinion, the best thing about Surviving the Final Bubble is that it is fairly easy to understand and implement everything Charles mentions in the guide.

In addition, the facts that Charles’ Prediction has a solid basis, and that you can use many of the techniques he teaches any time you would like and not only in times of crisis, are other important advantages that Surviving the Final Bubble has when compared to similar guides online.
All in all, if you want to be prepared and learn how to survive and thrive during the next big financial crisis, which many experts agree is not far from happening, then Surviving the Final Bubble is a useful guide that can absolutely help you.

Moreover, considering that Charles Hayek provides a 60-day money back guarantee, we don’t see any significant risk here…