Bulletproof Home Defense By Steve Walker – Real Review

If you heard about Bulletproof Home Defense by Steve Walker and you try to understand if this survival and self defense program is really for you, then you are welcome to stay with us and to take a look at our today’s review.

On this Bulletproof Home Defense review we will explain to you what Steve Walker’s program is all about, what you can expect to learn from it and which pros and cons you should take into account when making your final decision regarding this product.

First of all, let’s understand what Bulletproof Home Defense is all about…

Bulletproof Home Defense

What Exactly Is “Bulletproof Home Defense”?


Created by Steve Walker, a US Army veteran with over two decades of professional experience, the Bulletproof Home Defense program is a comprehensive and reliable resource for real-life and effective home defense tactics, which will enable you to fully protect your family from bad people in times of crisis.

According to Steve, the information he shared in this program was a product of his interactions with seasoned preppers and travels to war-hit countries. Thus, he explains you can expect to find only realistic strategies inside this program.

In short, here is a basic overview of what you can expect to find inside the Bulletproof Home Defense program:

  • How to convince your partner to begin prepping without looking like a complete nuts.
  • The best way to prepare your home, without interrupting your everyday life.
  • What you should do when faced with a crowd of hungry people, especially when you have an injured family member or don’t have weapons.
  • A bizarre mind controlling trick – commonly used by FBI agents – you can use to keep intruders away from your family and property.
  • How to endow yourself with the abilities and senses of a veteran soldier.
  • Little-known information on the proper way to hide your water storage tank.
  • Why you shouldn’t waste your money on security alarms, which are totally useless during an actual disaster or keeping robbers out of your home.
  • A 50-cent “soundless” alarm that’s guaranteed not to warn intruders and can be used without electricity.
  • How you can make unruly kids behave and cooperate to maintain your security plan.
  • Why it’s a big mistake to build a safe room, and useful advice on a safer and more efficient alternative to it.
  • 3 techniques that will help you immediately fortify any structure in your home, and much more…

In addition to the Bulletproof Home Defense main guide, 4 free special reports are also included in the package:

1.) The “Crash Proof: How to Survive an Economic Collapse” report – As the title hints, this is all about preparing you during an economic meltdown. For this report, Steve talked to people from Argentina, Russia, and South Korea, who survived severe economic collapse.

2.) The “Unlimited Power: 5 cheap or free energy sources for a crisis” report – Inside this report Steve Walker will show you affordable (and even free) alternative sources of power, which can keep your appliances, like your fridge and air conditioning unit, running.

3.) The “Doctor in a Box” report – This report will come in handy when there are no doctors in sight or all hospitals in your area are closed.

4.) The “Boomer’s Guide to Prepping” – This report is dedicated to preppers over the age of sixty. This will show you how to maximize your strengths – as someone who grew up without the Internet and other high-tech gadgets – to compensate for your lack of physical strength.

That’s just a glimpse of what you will learn from the Bulletproof Home Defense program. For more details about the other topics that Steve Walker covers inside the main guide and about his bonus reports you can check this page.

Now, to help you find out whether this program is really for you or not, let’s discuss a couple of its most important pros and cons…

steve walker bulletproof guarantee

The Pros And Cons Of Bulletproof Home Defense


The Pros


A Collection Of Knowledge From Real Preppers And Disaster-Hit People

The strategies and lessons in the Bulletproof Home Defense program are gathered from simple people, who personally know how it is to live in a war-torn area. This is one of the things that make this program stand out from its competitors, since it contains real stories and practical & effective tactics.

Simply Written

The ideas are well-organized, the words used are simple, and no technical jargons are found inside the Bulletproof Home Defense guide. In short, it’s written with the ordinary person in mind.

Affordable Investment

For a very reasonable one-time fee, you’ll already get 30 plus dirt-cheap and smart methods in the Bulletproof Home Defense program. In addition, the bonus reports that Steve Walker provides are also very useful and make his product very affordable compared to similar guides online.

Makes You A Better Prepper

Instead of committing the same mistakes other seasoned preppers committed, you’re going to be spared from them because you’ll read their experiences and strategies in the Bulletproof Home Defense program. The information Steve Walker shares inside his guide will probably change your whole strategy for dealing with any crisis.

Three Purchase Options

We really like how Steve Walker made the Bulletproof Home Defense available in three purchase options: digital product only, physical product only, or digital and physical product. Most of its competitors usually offer only a digital copy, which is a bad thing for people who don’t like reading eBooks.

A No-BS 100% Refund Guarantee

Bulletproof Home Defense is backed up by a two-month refund guarantee, so if you’re not happy with it within that time period for any reason, then you can simply send an email to Steve and his support team in order to get all of your money back…


The Cons


More “How-To” Instructions Needed

This is one of the complaints we came across the web and also agree. The Bulletproof Home Defense course would have been better if Steve Walker included more specific instructions on how to go about some of the things included in it, like how to use a specific medicinal herb.

Only Available For Purchase Online

Although Steve Walker offers his Bulletproof Home Defense program in both physical and digital versions, the only way to buy the version you choose is online and you won’t find this guide in stores.

Complacency And Laziness

Well, this one is a no-brainer. Why bother buying a home defense guide, such as this one, if you’re not going to apply what you learned? In order to benefit from the Bulletproof Home Defense system you will need to practice the methods Steve Walker teaches inside and to be serious about that. Purchasing this guide without doing anything else afterwards will probably not help you in any way…

Bulletproof Home Defense review
The Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that Bulletproof Home Defense can be a very useful guide, especially for people who don’t know anything about home defense and survival. There are a lot of strategies and tips that are practical, effective, unconventional, and based on real-life experiences inside this program, and it won’t really be surprising if after going through this guide you’ll become a more knowledgeable prepper.

Another thing we liked about this guide is that people can choose between a digital and paperback version of it. What’s more, so far from the forums we’ve visited, no one said anything about asking for a refund from Steve. This fact proves to us that most users probably found the information inside the guide to be very useful for them…

With that said, Bulletproof Home Defense is not a perfect guide and it is not for everyone.

Firstly, we think it could use more details, like specific steps on how to carry out some tips. We hope Steve is reading this, so he could make the necessary revisions (crossing our fingers). In addition, if you’re lazy, overly skeptic, or simply don’t plan to apply what you learn, then the Bulletproof Home Defense program may not be for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a user-friendly guide that contains effective home defense tactics and shows you how you can protect your loved ones from bad people in times of crisis, then Bulletproof Home Defense can be a great choice for you.

We think this survival and home defense guide would be better suited for people who have zero to little knowledge about being a prepper, however, we also think that most seasoned preppers would pick up useful information here as well. This way or that way, the money back guarantee that Steve provides allows you to check his Bulletproof Home Defense guide with full confidence and without any risk…

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Well, that’s everything we have to say about the Bulletproof Home Defense system. We sincerely hope you find this review useful and we wish you the best!

Stay safe and prepared 🙂

Jason and Erin

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