Alive After The Fall By Alexander Cain – Detailed Review

If you heard about “Alive After The Fall” by Alexander Cain and you wonder if this guide really worth your time and money or not, then we invite you to check our detailed review below.

On this Alive After The Fall review we will explain what this guide is all about, what Alexander Cain teaches inside, and which pros and cons you should keep in mind when making your final decision.

First of all, let’s cover the basics…

Alive After The Fall

What Exactly Is “Alive After The Fall”?


Created by Alexander Cain, a theology professor based in Arkansas, United States, “Alive After The Fall” is a Bible-based guide that contains everything you need to know to prepare, survive, and thrive during the coming of biblical disasters and the effects of the fall of Babylon America.

According to Alexander’s interpretations of the Holy Scriptures in the Bible, the end is near for “Babylon America.” He said that Obama, the 44tth president, is not going to finish his second term and is going to be the last president of America.

When exactly is this doomsday of the United States? According to Alexander Cain, the answer is January 2017.

Alexander explains that the U.S. will come in conflict with Russia, which possesses a weapon called EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse), that is designed to destroy every electronic device, including military weapons found in the United States.

To help people survive the aftermath of this so-called biblical disaster, Alexander says he created the “Alive After The Fall” guide.

Here’s a brief summary of what you can expect to find inside this guide:

  • How to ensure the EMP doesn’t fry the circuits of your car engine.
  • Different strategies you can use to protect your home from possible looters and criminals.
  • The five most crucial electrical devices you should possessed after the EMP hits.
  • In order to shield these five must-have electronics from the EMP, you’re also going to learn how to put together a Faraday Cage using basic parts in just twenty-three minutes.
  • Information on seven medicine supplies you should have in your first aid kit in order to ward off most diseases that may be widespread during this “fall of Babylon” disaster.
  • Little-known methods on how to prolong the shelf life of your food and medicine.
  • How to look for and cook your food without using electricity or gas, and much more…

It is also important to note that besides the Alive After The Fall book, Alexander Cain also provides his customers with two bonus reports at no additional cost:

Special Report One: “Fallout: surviving the Next Nuclear Attack”

As what the title hints, this focuses on how to survive a nuclear attack. You’ll know exactly what you should do right after a nuclear attack, including the best ways to reduce your exposure to radiation and how to assist people who have radiation sickness. Alexander Cain will also bust 5 dangerous myths about nuclear attacks in this report.

Special Report Two: “Chemical Attack Survival”

Inside this report you’ll discover how to create a cheap chemical attack survival gear using items found in your home, how to identify the chemical attack weapon, what you can do to cope with its devastating effects, and so on.

That is just a basic overview of what’s in store for you when you buy the “Alive After The Fall” guide. For more information about the main topics covered inside the guide you can also check this page on the official Alive After The Fall website.

Now, let’s continue and take a look at the different pros and cons of Alexander Cain’s guide…

Alive After The Fall Review

The Pros And Cons Of “Alive After The Fall”


The Pros


A Survival Guide For Any Disaster

Whether this biblical nuclear or EMP attack comes or not, we highly believe this survival course remains a valuable resource. This is simply because you can use it for other purposes or disasters. For instance, hikers or campers would certainly benefit from knowing how to differentiate between safe and contaminated water and foods. Other example is that the home defense strategies can be great for people living in places with high crime rates.

Easy To Implement

As long as you take time to understand the “Alive After The Fall” guide, there’s no reason you will not be able to put this into action. It’s not really hard to get the materials needed for most of the survival strategies shared by Alexander Cain because they’re readily found in your home or local shops.

Provides Useful Information

After going through this, it’s not going to be surprising if you’re going to be a better prepper and survivalist. The guide is clearly explained, actionable, and packed with survival tips, and it has something for both beginner and seasoned survivalists.

Comes With Two Useful Bonuses

Alive After The Fall comes with two equally interesting special reports that could further widen your knowledge about surviving nuclear and chemical attacks. We believe that these bonus reports add real value and most consumers will find them very useful.

Full Refund Guaranteed Within 60 Days

Alexander Cain provides a 60-day money back guarantee for his Alive After The Fall guide and promises that if for any reason you won’t find the guide and the information shared inside useful, he will send you a full refund with no questions asked. This is, of course, another big plus…


The Cons


Non-Christians May Negatively React To This Guide

We think it’s pretty obvious that this is not the best choice for atheists or believers of other faiths. Even Christian conservative may negatively react to Alexander’s interpretations of the Holy Scriptures in the Bible.

Available Only In Electronic Format

Alive After The Fall is currently offered in PDF format only. If you prefer leafing through a physical book, you may have to settle with a printed copy of this survival guide (which is not entirely a bad idea)…

Alexander Cain Alive After The Fall
The Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that the “Alive After The Fall” guide by Alexander Cain is definitely worth checking out.

We won’t lie. At first, we were really skeptical about everything Alexander’s been saying, you know, about Putin, Obama, and the impending EMP attack in 2017. However, after going through this guide we learned many new things and found the information shared inside to be useful and interesting. In addition, when you come to think of it, you don’t really have to believe in all these stuff to benefit from this survival guide. After all, natural and man-made disasters are always happening around us…

One thing that we particularly liked about Alive After The Fall is that you won’t get lost in this survival course. Everything is properly outlined and explained, so you know exactly how to prepare and thrive during a disaster. Plus, it comes with two useful reports that will help you become a better survivalist and prepper during a nuclear or chemical attack.

With that said, “Alive After The Fall” is not for everyone.

If you don’t believe in God or the Bible, if you believe the information contained in this survival course is pure blasphemy, or if you simply too lazy to go through all the information inside this guide and put everything you learn into action, , then the “Alive After The Fall” program may not be for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to be caught unprepared for this predicted disaster in 2017, and you do believe in a biblical kind of disaster, then “Alive After The Fall” is a great option for you.

To sum it up: This course is absolutely not for everyone and it may be a pill that’s hard to swallow by non-believers and other Christians, especially the conservative ones. In addition, the truth is no one really knows the exact Second Coming of Christ.

However, we truly believe that it’s better to be prepared now than be sorry later, and that’s why we highly recommend checking out the Alive After The Fall guide. Just remember to keep an open mind when doing so, in order to identify the many good points that this guide has to offer.

In addition, we want to mention again that Alexander Cain offers full money back guarantee for this guide and if within two months you don’t like what you learned, then you can simply demand for your money back.

With all these things in mind, we don’t see why you should not give the “Alive After The Fall” program at least a try…

Well, that’s everything for our review of the “Alive After The Fall” book by Alexander Cain. We sincerely hope you find this helpful and enjoyable to read… Keep the faith and all the best!

Jason and Erin

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